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so i am almost 2 months with flyme 6 on my meizu pro 6 (since december 30 2016-flyme 6 day one).heres my pros and cons on moving from flyme 5 to flyme 6:


  1. better battery and speed.
  2. animations just got way better and the os is more colorful and less grey and boring.
  3. fingerprint scanner is faster than before.
  4. multi tasking very easy to use, and even though i thought vertical was better, meizu proved you can do horizontal way more useful.
  5. awesome icons.
  6. very easy customizable notification panel. Also pressing and holding wifi for example takes you to the settings.
  7. screen recording has added which is awesome and also eye protecting.
  8. update tells you even 15 days before the update will roll out and tells you the highlights of the update.
  9. security mode game mode and kis mode.
  10. new unimportant notifications is awesome.
  11. Recycle bin and time machine.


  1. No acceleration white list meaning you have to leave music app open so it keep playing.
  2. No settings in the notifications panel(some may consider this the worst thing in flyme 6).
  3. no timer in back camera
  4. a lot of bugs like default apps always getting back to default.


Look, i won’t gonna convince you to download it now, because there are some bugs that still need some fixing.and the global stable version is not even out. but it is really an awesome upgrade and worth upgrading to.

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@zoroflamingo flyme 6 beta user being honest
Flyme 6 is way better then flyme 5
In terms of power…flyme 6 does not consume much power.
Currently flyme 6 is only in beta …so guys wait till April for stable update.

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