Meizufans 2017 - Whats ahead of us

Its been a time since my last post about Meizufans internal changes.
On one hand this is related to my missing interest with Meizu on the other its because of my A-levels, which will be written next month and therefore require my absolute concentration.

However, as Meizufans is still very important to me I want to be as active as possible in the next time. This also means that some changes will take place. Below I’ve listed a couple of things which will be realized before I enter the exam phase in 4 weeks.

Ad policy
Registered members of our forum, will only see 1 ad on our forum from now on. As long as you are logged in you can browse the forum free of any other adverts. This should be especially beneficial for users who use our app as this saves bandwith and increases UX. Instead I decided to move our income stream to the firmware server.
As you might now Meizufans is hosting the largest firmware server for Meizu firmwares worldwide. Not even Meizu provides all the firmwares on their firmwares, which can be seen on the chinese Flyme page.
Due to this the server is constantly under heavy load and could use an upgrade, however as nothing is for free we decided to add a “fair-use policy”. This means that everyone who wants to download from our firmware server or browse its archive has to deal with 1 popunder each 5 minutes. Of course this is an aggressive way of income generation, but as the firmware server is by far the most expensive system this is a fair thing in my eyes.

Less ads on the forum, more when downloading/browsing our firmware archive.

Status: Completed

New forum design
Our current “Lavender” theme was designed for the cold winter time. However, as the weather slowly starts to clear up (almost 15°C) its time to change to something more neutral. Otherwise it might happen that your eyes will sweat too, while browsing Meizufans. :D

Status: Testing

One of the major issues of Meizufans is the lacking amount of moderators on the site. Sure, I might be the main admin, but it always has been my goal to provide a community experience free of any “forced leadership”. This way I want to make sure that Meizufans remains an entirely free and open place.
To make the whole job as moderator more attractive I plan to recruit 2 more moderators, which will be paid after a fixed rate. For more infos I suggest to check this thread.

Status: Completed.

Meizufans App
Version 3.0 is to be released soon, which will feature fixes, updates and performance increasements.

Status: Completed

Some of you might know that the forum is sending out emails regulary to notify you about updates. However, as not all users subscribed to this and the currently newsletter is everything else than nice to look at, a complete redesign is planned.

Status: Completed.

This is pretty much it as of now. If you have noticed any issues or have wishes which should be taken into consideration, feel free to share them.

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Meizu m3s

I love to see more and more progress on the website, very looking forward to the new 3.0 meizu fan app, as i have been using it everyday. XD

Meizu Pro 5

Nice to-do list!


Thanks, today I will complete the code for the app and then start working on the newsletter.


Testing a new superclean and super minimalistic theme on the forum.
Ads are now gone entirely for registered users.
Feedback is highly appreciated.

Meizu MX4 Pro

good work, i like the new design, they only difficulty i had is that it is slightly difficult telling the categories apart on the main website (

Meizu Pro 6

@Rey really beautiful design, but i think it's too much white it kinda hurt a little. Other than that it's great.👍


@zoroflamingo also thought that. On mobile devices its "fine", but on desktops its just too clean.

By the way, in case you preferr a dark layout go to your settings on your user profile and select the dark theme.

ETA in 7h:

Test infinite scroll.

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Meizu m3s

@Rey Here is a list of bugs to fix/improvements from the new theme.

- Notifications, use to disappear once viewed, but now it needs to be manually refreshed on another tab, or takes a long time, used to be instant..
- Editing Post, after editing the browser does not refresh after edit and needs to be manually refreshed, or takes a long time, used to be instant.
- Editing Post, the Links become this with the "..." in the end. 

- Meizu App 3.0 replying/posting, when the textbox for posting appears the screen zooms in too much making it impossible to send. Using m3s with 720p

Some Changes i Liked
- The Vote up button on the top, (maybe a box around, increase the number of up votes XD)
- No more read here button, now you click the post title,
- banners for the latest posts, (a bit hard to swipe using touch)
- Looks perfectly sized on a 1080p monitor but at 2K it a bit small, but zooming in looks bad.
- Going to try dark layout

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Meizu MX4

Maybe reduce the margins and add some faint dividers, that way the categories would be more distinguishable.

Meizu Pro 6

Very helpul that you added the option to change homepage cause i removed that custom shit and now all is working good

Meizu Pro 6

But dark skin won’t turn on even though it said settings saved and it says it’s on.


Thanks for all the feedback, I will get onto it!


Now applied infinite scrolling.

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Meizu m3s

Love infinite scrolling, no more clicking the next page button and waiting for the page bar to come out XD.
But when infinite scrolling is used on the meizufan 3.0 app, the page's margin increasing making extra white space on the right. Am on 720p meizu.

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