Flyme Music and Video Streaming Outside China

I am currently running 4.0.4A and am in China for a month. Here, I have the Flyme apps “Music” and “Video”.
They offer me to stream music for free (like an ad-free Spotify) and to stream American TV shows for free (like a free Netflix)

Did anyone try to use these services outside of China? Do they still work? If no, are there any workarounds?

Many, many thanks

The video app uses services like iqyi and soho which afaik only have rights to stream in China and do geoblocking. You could get a cheap VPN for your phone that has a server in China that would let you stream from these sites. The sites aren’t too bad even with the free version you can stream many western shows in HD and there is only 30-90 seconds of ads at the start of the video.

Wonderful! Do you have any recommendation for a cheap reliable Chinese VPN?

I use astrill, they have servers all over the world so it’s good for streaming sites all over, they have a free trial you could use to check those apps out. There are probably cheaper ones to be found if you just want a china specific one.

Check their Facebook page
It seems they’re confirming the release of a music streaming service :D


Music app works outside China, at least for me with HK phone + CN firmware.

@‘samanen’ said:

Music app works outside China, at least for me with HK phone + CN firmware.

I do agree with above.

Been using music streaming since I switched to CN firmware.


I also give a +1 for samanen.
I have a CN device with CN firmware (Flyme 4 on MX3).

The Video app on the MX3 also works outside china, i did steam some Mr.Bean cartoon with it and also tryed a movie. The Movie worked but had chinese language.
The Music app also works fine but booth apps are only included in CN Firmware afaik.

@SwissJay I have been using a reliable and cheap VPN service for a long time, it is applicable with any OS using Smoke Tunneling for bypassing GFW of China

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