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Re: Flyme OS stable (Pro 5)

Every time I installed this damn firmware I lose completely signal. What is wrong? Have installed 3 different times coming from other firmware and every time the same sh@t

Meizu m3s

How you installing the update?
Does reversing update help?
Do you still have a imei?

With the usual way, downloading rom, putting the rom in device’s root directory, booting into recovery and then selecting update and clear data

Meizu m3s

Just to make sure everything clear for me, only when your on this problem will occurs? If so try the beta verison if your not using multiple of languages, (there are also other methods to add languages). I think it is a firmware problem to compatiblity of the provider or bug that meizu mistakenly made in this update. I have not seen or read about anyone with this issue, make sure it is not hardware issue by trying different firmwares.

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@Scorpiony-Knifet I had before and I had zero problems. Now, I updated and sold the phone and the other guy thinks I sold him a faulty phone…

Hi i had the same problem with that rom. The problem has been resolved (until now :)) by installing the Flyme Public Beta.
It is a G version and it seems a very good one.
Try it and give feed back

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