Can't install GMS, no matter what I do.

I tried installing google services through a couple of ways:

  1. Tried using the AppCenter to download the google installer, it just stopped downloading at the “Google Service” part and didn’t finish the “Google Play” part
    2)Tried to take a gms installer from the internet, the results were the same.
    3)Attempted to doenload google services and google play from hot apps, they asked me to reboot after they finished and after the reboot, everything went back to nothing being installed
    Flyme version 5.12

@MeizuMX5isBAD are you using the Global firmware? The latest chinese Flyme 5 firmware was for the MX5.

If yes, just go and use the A firmware. G firmwares are pretty much fucked up since As you most likely want multi language support, I advise you to root the device over the Settings and then use morelocale2 to use your desired language (system strings will be translated too).

@Rey I am using this firmware the very top one. I really have no idea how to successfully install google services and play store, dont know how to root the device either, I am sorry, not the best person to seek help from. Thank you very much for the help tho. If you would help me more I would aprecciate it.


@MeizuMX5isBAD I recommend you to take a look at our Wiki’s article how to up/downgrade:

Just follow method 2 to install the chinese firmware.
You can either use Flyme 5 or Flyme 6 (links will directly link to the firmware).

Please be sure to wipe your data when changing from a G to an A firmware. Please also keep in mind that this will cause your apps to be deleted, however personal data won’t be affected by this.

After you have successfully booted up your device, you will be told to setup your phone. The only languages available are Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English. As I suppose you want to use a language other than that, just complete the setup.
As soon as you have done this you have to put the device into Chinese again over the Settings and then enter Fingerprint & security. There should be an option called root.

In case you cannot remember the interface so well, I recommend making screenshots while the phone is in english.
Important! You need to be logged in while doing this.
As soon as you accepted the ToS on the rooting menu you will be prompted to enter your password. The device then will reboot.

Now you can put everything back to english and download the GSM Installer from the AppCenter. Complete its installation and then log into Google Play. Search for an app called “morelocale2”. Open it, grant it root privileges and select your desired language.

Everything completed.

@Rey You think I will be able to install google services and google play when i do it?

@Rey Alright, everything is in place, except one thing: my AppCenter is not there anymore… Don’t know how to get the Google installer any other way :(
Sorry for being so complicated, haven’t ever done this

@Rey Nevermind, it’s there but I can’t install google for some reason, there is no google services installer in there

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