Multi Language Pack For Nordic Languages Danish,Swedish,Norwegian,etc

Does anybody know where or how I can get a Multi Language Package with the Nordic Language ??
I am on Flyme on Meizu M5 Note
Please help if you can

Thanks :-)

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You can only get multi languages with G firmwares. However, a chinese device like yours would first need to bypass it. The easiest and most convenient way to get your desired language, would be to root your device over the Settings and then use morelocale2 from the Play Store. This way you can make use of additional languages.

Even though they might not be 100% complete, it is definitely better than nothing.


I am on a G Firmware but there is no Danish Language in the Firmware.
When I bought the phone I had the languge but then I upgraded it to Flyme 6 and then change it back to G Firmware and the Danish Languge was gone.
I have tried to contact the seller for the Language Package but have not received an answer yet.
So there is a Multi Package out there but perhaps it is difficult to get ??
Tried with the morelocale2 but everything is still in English even though I am Rooted :-)
So any Idea otherwise ??


@ghostrider1432 as far as I know there is no language pack you could install additionally. Did you tried to add danish manually over morelocale2 though?


Yes I did and the settings is stil in English :-)
I know that it will not do perfectly Danish to the hole phone,but when I ordrer the phone with Multi Language the Settings was in Danish so the had to do something to make it work with the Settings.
But the strange think is know the the Play store is in Danish:-)
I remember when I got the phone that it was on a A Firmware so the had to have a additional pack with the Nordic Language.
Unfortunately I did not a backup when I upgraded the Phone to Flyme 6 that is my bad I know :-)
So I have contact the seller and he/she has written to download the the G Firmware from Meizu website.But still the same no Danish Language so I am waiting for the respons from the seller because the had to have a tool that provide them with the Language:-)


But I found a Tool called " Flymo Localization Free Tool "

Do you know about this Tool ??

I do not no if it works with my phone but i will give it a try :-)


I have now tried with the Flymo Localization Free Tool but no luck and it do not support my Phone Meizu M5 Note :-)
I now that you can not get the phone run with 100% Danish Language but it will be nice to have it to work in the Settings :-)
So perhaps we have one in here that just bought the phone with Multi language that support the Nordic Language and can share the APK files in the Rooted Sectore :-)


@ghostrider1432, please use the edit function next time.
I really have to dissapoint you, but its not possible to replace all the APKs so easily.
Only the seller can help you with that as the firmware is indeed modified. If you don’t mind I would greatly appreciate if you keep us updated.


Yes i found out the when I bought the Phone it came with an Custom Rom Multi Language, so I have contact the seller to see if he/she can sent the Firmware again :-)

I will keep you updated when the seller has wrote to me :-)

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