Meizu MX5 can't run some apps, HELP

Alright, so I bought my phone in October 2015 and it didn’t take long to notice, that some apps like google, facebook, youtube, games like pokemon go do not load up after opening. I am aware of the fact that it is a chinese phone and some apps might be censored or something. I tried updating my Flyme OS to the newest possible and yet, the problem has yet to vanish, i would really be in need of assistence. Perhaps you had the same problem and you might help me with fixing it. Thank you in advance.


Apps are not censoerd, no matter which device.

Did you tried to wipe the firmware as well?
If not, I would try that first, otherwise it could be that the mainboard is faulty or anything like that.

Does the phone heats up a lot?

It does but i doubt the fact that it has something to do with it. However, how do I wipe the firmware?

Meizu m3s

Enter recovery by powering on with volume up and power button. Should also be in settings, but i couldn’t bother finding it. I have heard that flyme optimise apps and it may make some apps not work, but since most apps not work it doesn’t sound like it.

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