MX4 Pro - network cuts off and battery suddenly drains to zero

I wonder if anyone can help me…I have an MX4 Pro, with the latest firmware (Global version, Flyme, and I’ve been having a few issues.

For some time I’ve had an issue where the network cuts our if I am using mobile data. Sometimes it’s OK, but other times the signal suddenly shows zero bars. If I reboot then it works, at least for a bit. This is not due to a poor signal. It has happened sporadically for a while and not just on this latest firmware.

Now, when this happens the battery suddenly drains. I can literally see the battery reading go from 45%, or whatever it is, to zero in a few seconds. The phone then shuts off. Last time it did this I plugged the power it (otherwise it wouldn’t re-boot) and when it did come on, just seconds later, the power was back at 45%. So, I don’t think it’s simply a bad battery issue.

I also have had a power drain with a GPS app, in that the battery was almost full (and it really was) thought the app drained the power in no time. At other times, it works as it should. Other than this, the batter has only suddenly drained when the network signal has been lost.

I have tried to remove the sim and plonk it back in after a reboot, and I have “updated” with the same firmware. The issue still persists though.

Any hints would be much appreciated!

Meizu m3s

Which firmware did you update from, try clearing data when updating, if you get errors. If this doesn’t work it is a hardware issue.

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Thanks - I’m using the word “update” loosely in that I installed the same firmware (the last that will be released before Flyme 6 I think), which I hoped would work like a re-install of windows.

I did hope that the battery showing something sensible, and definitely having lots of power, when I re-started with a power bank attached meant it was likely to be the firmware - but maybe not :-(

Looking around, batteries aren’t too expensive if it comes to that,

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