Slow charging

I bought a new Meizu Pro 6 after my Meizu M1 note screen goes bad.
Today was the first day that I put it on the original charger and cable and after 4h in the charger and turned off it has only 34% battery.
Does anybody have similar problem? Is this due to a bad battery even being new?
Thanks in advance

Meizu m3s

How many A is your charger, try a different charger with the same or around the same A.

It’s the original charger that came inside the box. I don’t know what is the voltage of it. HoweverI left it all night in a meizu m3s charger and now, after 18h in the charger the phone only has 88% battery.
Do you know if there is any problem with the last firmware of Flyme OS 6?

Apparently it was due to a bad original usb cable. I bought a new one and in 2h the battery is fully charged.

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