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  • Meizu M3s problem button home


    I am French thus I apologize in advance for the faults of translation. I have a telephone Meizu M3s and I had no problem until the day when the button home begins to have bugs. The button does not re-know any more my imprint digital, finally 1 time on 10 and it is similar when I want to make a return that does not work either… Nevertheless, I have never brought down him(it), or to pay(pour) something above or no anything. I was to look on the clear(net) and I discovered that I was not the only one to have this problem! That comes necessarily from Meizu. For information, I thought of the SAV(AFTER-SALES SERVICE) but I bought him(it) on gearbest the telephone thus I are him(her,it) contacted to see if I am entitled to the SAV(AFTER-SALES SERVICE). I would want to know if somebody has not already solved the problem or if he(it) has solutions to be proposed to me.

    Thank you

  • The only way to fix it would be to replace the home button. However, I would just let it run over the warranty (if Gearbest will help you with it).

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  • Thank you for your answer! I contacted Gearbest to solve my problem. If they cannot, I am going to have to buy the boutton and repair it I even

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