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I am French thus I apologize in advance for the faults of translation. I have a telephone Meizu M3s and I had no problem until the day when the button home begins to have bugs. The button does not re-know any more my imprint digital, finally 1 time on 10 and it is similar when I want to make a return that does not work either… Nevertheless, I have never brought down him(it), or to pay(pour) something above or no anything. I was to look on the clear(net) and I discovered that I was not the only one to have this problem! That comes necessarily from Meizu. For information, I thought of the SAV(AFTER-SALES SERVICE) but I bought him(it) on gearbest the telephone thus I are him(her,it) contacted to see if I am entitled to the SAV(AFTER-SALES SERVICE). I would want to know if somebody has not already solved the problem or if he(it) has solutions to be proposed to me.

Thank you


The only way to fix it would be to replace the home button. However, I would just let it run over the warranty (if Gearbest will help you with it).

Thank you for your answer! I contacted Gearbest to solve my problem. If they cannot, I am going to have to buy the boutton and repair it I even

Meizu M3s is popular smartphone in Russia and Ukraine.
But we have the same problem in connection with mTouch button factory defect in all Meizu M3s smartphones.

Button is guaranteed to break after 1-6 months: mTouch sensor and a fingerprint scanner stop working. Moreover, after the break of the Home button, the smartphone starts to spontaneously hang and reboot. Button replacement under warranty solves the problem for a few months, then Home button will break again. Again! Not only in my phone!

If you have the same problem or if you are a Meizu fanat, I ask you to support the petition to Meizu through the folowing link:
Thanks in advance for your help and support.

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