Hi friends cyanogenmod and other rom don’t exsist on m3 note?

Meizu m3s

Cannot unlock bootloader = no custom roms.

Why on m2 note yes and m3 no? Is not the same?

Meizu m3s

Unlocking is a matter of time and the people working on it, you must wait for an unofficial unlocking method as official methods do not exist.

is there eny unofficial method

Meizu m3s

No. I think i answered this in the first post😝

On xda i dont found nothing the bootloader is too hard ti unlock why?

Meizu m3s

After flyme 5 unlocking the bootloader became harder. In flyme 4 unlocking can be done using su commands. Someone on xda has been able to unlock by modding the preloader.bin, but it is very risky.

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