Phone wont charge, melts USB plug

Hi Everyone

Im a new Meizu fan loved the m2 note so much i bought myself an m3 when i cracked the screen and i love it.

Last night however I plugged the charger in (genuine cable and charger) it was plugged in a few minutes until I checked my phone and the base around the charging post was warm so i unplugged it and managed to burn my fingers on the metal of the USB plug, on inspection the plastic inner of the plug was melted.
I have since tried 4 different cables all known working with 2 different power adaptors also both known working and it wont come up charging and each time the plug starts getting very hot very fast.

I have ordered a replacement usb socket board but was wondering if anyone else has had this issue


Meizu m3s

Looks like when you broke your screen you also broke the charging socket.

Thats the thing its the M2 Note that has the broken screen

Its the M3 note thats not charging it hasnt been dropped its in remarkably good condition just frustrates me its stopped charging on inspection the socket it fine but ill know for sure when the new one shows up

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