Mirroring m2note to tv: what is the best option?

Hello everybody,
I’d like mirroring my phone to tv (I have a m2note, Android 5.1, Flyme OS 4.5.4)
As from what I read m2note has no any HDMI output and doesn’t support MHL as well, what are the options I have to
mirror my mobile screen on tv? And possibly What equipment should I use?

  1. I read about “SlimPort” device solution – needed a dongle between your device and TV converting the signal from your phone to one compatible with HDMI
    as well as an adapter for MHL. Is that a viable option ?
  2. going wireless. Chromecast, Miracast etc… which is the better option?



I would go for option 2. It is more handy and should work with almost all of your devices (see it as an “universal” approach).

Meizu m3s

In setting > more > wireless displays, maybe you can use the build in functions? Anyone had a try with it? I wonder what it do.

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