What can I do with an A firmware?

Hi everyone, I come from Italy and I’d like to buy an M5 Note but the problem is that I read that there is no global firmware yet. I don’t mind having an english os but I have three questions:

  1. Will I be able to use an italian SIM card with a firmware of type A?
  2. Is 100% sure that one day (possibly in one or two months) this firmware will be released? Or do I risk to keep this smartphone in its A firmware version forever?
  3. What can’t I do with an A firmware?

Thank you, hoping for a fast answer! :)

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  1. Have no seen anyone cannot use a sim/provider for a meizu phone
  2. Chances are low as the original firmware is not even on the official meizu firmware website. And also not have seen someone with m5 note with G firmware. You may get a G firmware if meizu wants to sell this oversea.
  3. No multiple of language selections and some chinese only apps. English and Chinese for system language should be available but not others. Not a big deal.
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Well, thank you very much! I’ll stick to the plan then and buy an M3 Note.


First of all I have an M5 Note and it’s working perfectly and has multi language.

Good battery life and good performes.

You can buy it here

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@ghostrider1432 mind sharing us an upload of your m5 note system partition to allow us to make a guide in converting a non multi language m5 to multi languages? That is if you rooted.


Yes I can do that but where can I find the system partition ?
I am rooted.

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Download terminal app for android (playstore), type su, then type
dd if=/dev/block/platform/mtk.msdc.0/by-name/system of=/sdcard/system.img
Wait for it to finish copying and upload the system.img from sdcard.


Ok but I have upgraded the phone to the Flyme 6 beta is that ok to give you a image for that ?
I have done what you wrote but iy said no such file exist ?

I saw you suggested to convert A ROM to G ROM by method 2 https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/2599/guide-how-to-install-i-international-firmware-on-your-chinese-mainland-meizu

I have tried other way so here is the information I got:

I have the M5 Note from China, Flyme

I have gained the root access via the Flyme Account and Root permissions - phone rebooted, everything seems fine but root is not working correctly, I still have to use KingRoot to successfully use root.

I have checked this post:

www DOT alegrecompra DOT com/blog/tag/meizu-mx6-suspersu-flashfire (replace DOT with " . " , can’t link properly - flaged as SPAM, why?)

To get it work for me I have to use SuperSU ME to get rid of the KingRoot and get SuperSU working. When I do that I proceed with the FlashFire, I have downloaded the update.zip and set the FlashFire as said in the spanish link. Everything seems to be working, FlashFire installs the ROM but for a very short time I a message saying “system partition has unexpected contents after ota update” appears. After that FlashFire proceeds with the Wipe and I get the Chinese firmware again but wiped of course. I have tried this process three times, same result. It took me hours to even get the FlashFire working to find out that I can’t flash the Global ROM.

I would really appreciate if you could provide some more information about how to install the Global ROM or maybe some tips for me to get it working. Is the conversion method safe? My last concern is that at this state I have no backdoor if something goes wrong with the FlashFire installation. Is there a way to get a ADB backup or some other safeguard just to be safe?

Thank you in advance

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method 2 does require flashfire.


Ok I have know downgraded the firmware to but there is no Danish Language in it so do you know where I can get a Language pack with Nordisk Language ??

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You can use the MoreLocale 2 app to create more languages. You will need root.

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