Flyme OS 4.0.4 stable

Thanks to @GreyGhost for informing me about this new firmware for the MX4!


  • New US group and go where third-party applications.
  • Added distance sensor calibration options.
  • Added gravity sensor calibration function.
  • Insert the USB and full power to optimize sound.
  • Repair Smartbar lead character width is too small on the menu is split into two rows problems.
  • Optimization Google Installer setup logic.
  • After the repair unplug OTG cable box still appears browser settings bomb reminder question.
  • Fluency applications optimized flick list of.
  • Repair part of the application Caton problems when doing animation.
  • Repair WLAN crash restart or turn caused the failure and other problems.
  • Optimizing call quality headphones.
  • Even now the problem quickly power down low when repair.
  • GPS fixes sporadic problems can not be closed.
  • Optimized connection speed phone with InWatch Bluetooth devices.
  • Optimize display brightness parameters.
  • Repair even now touchscreen and touch-hop failures.

Security Center:

  • Repair user feedback scanning crashes.
  • Home Repair and killing the virus in the environment, foreign language typesetting confusing problem.


  • After the repair delete the desktop icon desktop icon copy of all issues.


  • Delete the search box while repairing no online music content music flash back problems.
  • Long display incorrect repair some problems MP3 player.


  • Added offline caching stars and subscriptions.


  • The digital zoom process optimization problem Caton.
  • The restored into a third-party camera flashlight first question can not be opened.
  • Repair Front switching to macro handover process by clicking the camera shutter even now the question of error.


  • Some error problem repair gallery.

Flyme OS 4.0.4A
Flyme OS 4.0.4I

Flyme OS 4.0.4A
Flyme OS 4.0.4I

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This bug has been fixed with 4.0.4?

only for fine ears, put the volume to a low level, and listen to any sound, you will hear an annoying noise in the background, certainly due to a great power and a bad speaker equalization minimum volumes.
ps.sorry for my english
Hi, sorry if I repeat myself, but I also made a report, with respect to the speaker bug, if you put the volume very low, for example, and put a video on youtube of a conversation, you will hear a rustling \ hum in my opinion due to mismanagement amplification / equalization, with a software fix should resolve, because a medium-high volume, fades or disappears, so do not think it’s a hardware defect. I invite you to write if you notice it, so that the message, not just mine. Thanks.
ps.sorry for my english

I version isn’t out yet?

@‘bloot’ said:

I version isn’t out yet?

tomorrow :-)

@‘otta898’ said:

@‘bloot’ said:

I version isn’t out yet?

tomorrow :-)

Thanks :blush:

Wouaw, not bad meizu! That leads me to believe that Android Lollipop coming very very soon :p

I still haven’t receive my OTA upgrade yet? Are we getting the OTA update for this 4.0.4A firmware?

@otta898 : I’m downloading it, I’ll report it here if the bug is still there, but I think it has been corrected ;)

Works good. Earphone microphone as been fixed now. Well done Meizu

@‘furious.builder’ said:

@otta898 : I’m downloading it, I’ll report it here if the bug is still there, but I think it has been corrected ;)

Fixed ?

Sound is better, but still a little “wind” :/

Are alternative keyboards working now ?
Is it possible to use now Textra or else as the default SMS app ?
Any noticeable camera or battery improvement ?

How is the new software update?
Should I install it? Or should I stay at 4.0.3.

Any bugs?

@Kingu Prima:
I have never had problems to install tird-party keyboards. I have been running Swiftkey on 4.0.3 just fine. Updated to 4.0.4 and it all still works flawlessly.

To be honest, I do not see any change except the new settings to calibrate some sensors. Does not feel faster or slower than 4.0.3. I did not encounter any new bugs so far. I had some issues reinstalling Google Play, but it worked in the end. So no need to upgrade unless you just like to run the latest firmware.

1. Google Play store not working
2. Auto Memo pop-up when log in.

Anyone have this problem

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