FTP/OTG File transfer to TF card.

Hi All,
I recently purchased a Meizu M2 Note in which I installed a 64Gb TF card. When I try to FTP files to the card using Filezilla, or copy files across from an OTG USB stick, the transfer fails. None of the files are over 4Gb. It’s mainly music albums and some movies. If I remove my card (which was formatted on the device), I cannot read it in either my Windows PC or my Mac.
Any help/guidance would be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

Sorry guys, found a solution.

  1. ROOT phone
  2. FTP Server Pro
  3. FTP Server Pro>Settings>Change home dir to Ext SD Card
  4. Filezilla

Didn’t delete the thread just incase someone else has the same issue.

Actually, my ‘solution’ didn’t work. The files went into place, and then when the phone rebooted they were all gone.
Can anyone offer any help please?

Meizu m3s

Which format are u using, download a sdcard formater online and format sdcard to fat32, windows cannot format anything above 32 gb to fat32.

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@Scorpiony-Knifet Thanks for the reply. I’ll try this. The card is 100% genuine Samsung. It works fine in my camera and in my Lossless music player, so it’s odd it doesn’t work properly in my phone.

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