Flyme 4.0 - System settings - App Menu - Option missing ?


i upgraded to Flyme 4.0 and im a bit confused regarding the APP menu which you can find under the SETTINGS…

In Flyme 3.0 you had the option to “delete” Apps. But i cant find this option in Flyme 4.0.

Is this “feature” gone ?

At the end its not a big deal since you can delete your apps trough the Play Store or with dragging them to the trash bin.

im just wondering…

Any idea ?

Btw, the FAQ are also gone! But this can be my fault since im 99% sure that i unselected this “feature” after upgraded to FLYME 4.0. If i remeber correclty you will be ask after the first boot…

Thanks in advance.


Do you mean this?

Argh! Yes!

I never choose a installed APP. De-installation option is hidden there :) At Flyme 3.0 there was an option to display “installed” apps only. So it was easier to figure out which are “installed” apps and which are “system” apps…

Now i have to figure out myself :)


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