MX5 problem with Home button since upgrade to Flyme 6

I have a one year old MX5, there was no problem with it. But about 2-3 weeks ago, tried to upgrade itself, and failed (firmware corrupt). Since that I can’t use the ‘back’ prompt by tapping the Home button.
Is there any solution for that? Does anyone have the same problem?

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Try reinstalling the update manually through recovery. Power button + Volume up when powering on. Download the latest firmware from the firmware section ( You can either copy it to the sdcard (not in a folder) or plug you phone in to a computer and copy it in when it is in recovery. I recommend you to flash it through recovery than directly through by the flyme system because your firmware is corrupted and might cause other problems. This error maybe caused by corrupted download or copying of the firmware before flashing.


Thanks for your reply, and sorry for my late answer… I tried, but after pressing the button I have only two choices: upgrade or restart. Maybe do I have to root my device for the recovery mode? Anyway, after a full reinstall the problem remained the same… I’m planning a factory reset… Or is there another solution?




tried the upgrade, then the factory reset, but the error remains... Do you have some other ideas?



Meizu m3s

Which versions did you update to? If flyme 6 doesn’t help try downgrading back to flyme 5. It may just be hardware damage and can only be repaired by replacing the home button itself, or even the mainboard if that does not work. I would suggest you to make sure it is not software error before tempering with hardware.

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@monomik on the screen that has upgrade and restart as the only options, connect the device to a pc and copy the firmware on the folder that will come up

then press upgrade

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Meizu m3s

Copy update firmware which you should have downloaded from

Thanks guys!
I’ve spent a lot of hours tody for downgrading the phone, finally I succeed. Now I have the 5.1.4a version, but the back button still doesn’t work. It’s strange, becouse I’ve read from the same problem from others, and it goes wrong always around an upgrade…
Maybe trying the service…

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yeah the button most likely broke on a hardware level, i have seen many people having broken back button so its probably poor hardware by meizu

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in fact the back button is a weak part of the meizu phones so the possibility of a hardware problem is big.

I had the same issue with the home button. It’s hardware problem. My mx5 lasted one year before having the button issues. I ordered news button but couldn’t unscrew the screws because they’re are stucked :(
I finally put it in the drawer because i bought xiaomi redmi note 4x which I’m very happy with it

Had the same issue, send it to a repair shop, replaced the button (even got the old one with it), still problem remains. My GF has the same phone and had the issue too, however a reboot fixed it for her.

Poor design i guess, using the ball thingy now.

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