Bootloader codes

Please Meizu or someone help me with Meizu mx 4 bootloader unlock codes
I block my Meizu mx 4 and i have need for unblock the bootloader code.Where i can find ?Thank you !

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Not work ! My phone is stuck, frozen. I have need BOOTLOADER UNLOCK CODE.

Meizu m3s

Meizu have no bootloader unlock code. You only can unlock using methods by third party. Am not sure if we are talking about the same bootloader. “fastboot oem unlock” will not work and even if there were a code meizu will not share it with us.

I must to change the matherbord. Is only one solution .

Meizu m3s

You are obviously not english, the link above should be what your looking for. If not please explain better with another language or use google translate (or a better translater).

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