Messenger front camera shaking

I just received my Meizu M3 note and I am facing a problem with my front camera while using the Facebook messenger app (only my selfie camera, the back camera operates well). Actually the screen start to shake and the picture is not stable. Although this problem comes only when I am using the messenger app and not the instagram or just the phone camera itself. Is it a software problem or a hardware one? Is there any solution? I did uninstall and reinstall this app and nothing fixed.

I have the same phone with the same problem. Did you ever find a solution for it?

Meizu m3s

Firmware you guys both using?


Thank you for your reply

I'm not sure . is there a way for me to look on my phone for what it is? I only know from when I purchased the phone  that the description said the firmware was for the united States.not the Chinese version

Meizu Pro 6

@robynkop go to settings then about phone you will see build number. What its says is the version.

Thank you for your reply
Build number: Flyme

Meizu Pro 6

@robynkop then update to latest version. Then tell me if still you have this problem

its a frimware problem i had the exact same problem on flyme 5 i updated to flyme 6 global beta and the problem disappeared!

Thank you so much for your replies
I will try to do the update tomorrow and I will let you know

Meizu m3s

Just remember to cleardata when updating from flyme 5 to flyme 6 for best performance.
Cleardata will not remove user files but will reset system settings and remove user apps.

So glad I haven’t done it yet I was just downloading it . How do you clear data?

Meizu m3s

It show before you install the

Ok I will check… but I have to back up alot of stuff before I do it. Thank you so much for all of your help 😃

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