Help me to Root Meizu M5 Note

How can I Root my Meizu M5 Note to Flyme 6
Hi Guys

I am new in this forum .
I want to update my Meizu M5 Note to Flyme 6.
Is there anybody that can help me do this ??
My current software is on Flyme based on Android 6.0
I have tried to root it with KingRoot but it won’t Root.
And another question anybody tried to put pure android on the divice ??
I can’t find anything on the web.
Plese help Thanks :-)

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Straight ahead I fixed the title. I suppose you mean the M5 Note. The only way to root a Meizu device is over the Settings (need to log into a Flyme account first) under Fingerprint and security.

However, if its a YunOS based firmware (sorry, do not have the version in my mind right now) this might not be possible.

To get back to your actual wish:
Upgrading to Flyme 6 does not require root.

No need to root to upgrade to Flyme 6. Just download the you require, transfer it to your phone, and install it through recovery (turn off phone, then hold down power and volume up).

If you still want to root, it is done very simply as described by Rey.

Hi ClemFandango

I have tried this several times ,but yesterday I suddenly could update it via recovery :-)

Thank you for your help :-)

By the way do you know if you can change the led light to color with an App ?

Hi Rey

I am already login in a Flyme account and I tried with the earlier version to root but no luck.
But the quistion is can I Root with this new Firmware and where can i see if it is based on YunOS Firmware ??

Hi again Rey

I have know rooted my Meizu .
Apparently you also have to give access in the chines language to root it after you have log in the Flyme account.
So you go to language settings set it to Chines and the go the go to Fingerprint security and find root set the permission to root.
This works for me on M5 Note :-)
So if I want to have Multi Language is this possible for this version beta or do I need the global version of Flyme 6 ??

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