m3s complete noob help.

Trying to do anything with the phone and cant, bought it from a second hand store but cant do anything because theres a password on it. Cant connect to PC it only detects an MTP device and fails to install drivers. I’d love to be able to use it but previous owner hasnt removed lock screen password.

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Return it ASAP. The device is most likely stolen.
There is no chance to bypass it anyway.

Can’t take it back, it’s a second hand store they don’t do returns. So I should just smash the shit out of it with a hammer???

Meizu m3s

You can format it using sp flash tools, only known to works with the m3s/m3. It will be easier to sell it as parts.

Btw this is a forum for the m3 not the m3s. Please post in the m3s forum next time.

Was not an option, I’m on an iPad.

Tried but can’t figure out how to use sp flash tools properly, can’t find and decent walkthroughs

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