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Swap partition

How can I achieve that the system uses the swap partition I have created and NOT the swap file that seems to come with the system. I have created that partition as Linux Swap on the external Samsung Pro SD card, which is very fast, and it is recognized.

I cannot see any system setting to work on that.

Using App2SD, I can activate it and even deactivate the swap file, but at the next reboot , the initial state is restored and the partition is ignored.

Using M2 Note withe Flyme latest version.


You might be facing a general issue with Flyme here (most likely due to Flyme’s own memory adjustments).
Not much you could do, except trying a different app maybe.

So it may be better not to touch or even experiment there. I know there are various apps out there all claiming to master this - I just do not trust them. Better to have a running system.


Meizu m3s

@Nehemiah-Stark please start a new thread with your device details and situation so we can try to help you. We prefer helping people online than contacting you privately (unless it necessary).

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