Meizu pro 6s wrong battery capacity.

I recently recieved a Meizu pro 6s. After setting it up and updrading it to flyme 6 i downloaded an app called devchek from playstore which shows hardware stats for each mobile phone. When checked it everything seems fine except one stat. The battery capacity which is shown as 2560 mah. I will contact the seller too but wanted to ask if someone here has the pro6s to try it too and tell us. Also i havent checked anything on flyme 5 cause when i recieved the phone i updated it.


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I wouldn’t be concered by that. CPU-Z also used to return false battery stats for Meizu devices.
No one knows why, but trust me, everything should be fine.

Can someone try it too and tell us? I want to make sure that no modifications were made to my phone from the seller.


@Leftezog the phone wouldn’t recorgnize the battery most likely, if any mods would have been applied.

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