(Microsdxc) Lexar 128gb with Meizu Pro 5
Meizu Pro 5

Recently I purchased a toshiba 128gb microsd but with many problems:
-need to format with a specific application with FAT32 to be recognized
-sd insight app from “humanlogic” indicates as original Toshiba card, model 0000 and man. fac. nov 2016.
-sd tools app from “veluscek ales” dindt work
-a1 sd bench app from “a1dev.com” worked with some errors and indicated speeds of 5/6 mb/s
-but by far able to reach 10% of the announced capabilities and performances
(class 10, up to 90mb/s)

I complained, today, where I bought and traded for a LEXAR 128gb High-Perfomance microsd card (633x microsdxc uhs-1 class10, u1, up to 95mb/s):
-I put it on the mobile phone and was immediately recognized and asked to format
-sd insight app indicates as Barun Electronics card, model 5WCGP and man. fac. nov 2016
-sd tools app from “veluscek ales” works and indicated speeds of 280mb/s write and 1180mb/s read
-a1 sd bench app from “a1dev.com” worked with some errors and indicated speeds of 15/20 mb/s.

I’m really confused about performance and I do not know if I’m facing a fake card, which is strange because I bought it in a recognized store - fnac.

Does anyone have an identical card that can verify that can get the same values ​​in these benchmark apps?

But it is compatible, so is better then Toshiba…

Meizu m3s

Have you tested if the card is 128gb, some fake cards fake the storage amount in the controller. Most sdcard cannot reach their stated speeds, i would suggest you to pay more for a brandnew retailed card in store.

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Meizu Pro 5

I’ve tested with many apps and 128gb are “true” but performance and manufacturer are not what is indicated on the packaging - fake card - 89,99€ is not cheap for a fake card…
I complained again where I bought and asked for the money back.
I went to another large store and had many sandisk cards on sale - 64GB for € 29.99 - both packaging and poor print on the cards forwards immediately to fake cards… [exactly as indicated on websites that talk about sandisk false cards]

Now I am incredulous with the whole situation. How is it possible that big stores sell fake products and are fooling so many people without them realizing it?
[And these big stores probably do not even have a notion … and may be the suppliers deceiving …]

I do not know where to buy a card now…
Maybe where I bought the last computer if they let me try it first …

This happened in Portugal.

note: I think this topic and the other identical one about a 128gb toshiba card can be deleted … after all they would be comments about fake products…

@smarq try amazon.es they should ship relatively easier to portugal and you will get new and legit one for sure

countercheck the speed with a different application, e.g. App2SD

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