MX4 Pro - Part issues, staying at ios or changing to new Meizu Device?

after a long time not beeing online I`m back :P
I have some issues getting a new Screen for my MX4 Pro. The glass broke 4 Months ago, I ordered this damn Display 2 Times, got my Money back twice and wasted a lot of time. Has anybody some shop suggestions? (Maybe not on Aliexpress)

Right now I`m using a IPhone 6, but when i get my MX4 Pro repaired, I have to decide between those two or i sell both of them and buy a new Meizu or Apple device.

How`s Flyme OS? still that many bugs as 4 Months ago? Is it worth it, to change back to Meizu? (I am an Meizu addict, but these Flyme bugs can get really annoying…)


About the screen:
Where did you bought it from (AliExpress seller?).

And yep, Flyme is still the same old buggy crap it used to be. Flyme 6 works nice on my Pro 5, however, I heard that it has some issues on the MX4 & MX4 Pro. Other than that I recommend to use Flyme 4 on these devices as these firmwares were initially designed for them. At least this image came up with my MX3 and Flyme 3.

Meizu m3s

Stay at Iphone, unless you are not comfortable with ios.

First time:
second time:

The parcel was sent 5 and 7 Days after I ordered them (actually pretty long for an aliexpress seller).

I had some good experiences with Flyme 5.6 on my MX4 Pro :)

Is it actually worth it, to sell my MX4 Pro (would look like new with the new frame and Display…)?

I like IOS (even with some small bugs), but i miss some bought apps and I don’t like to buy them again, especially when i don’t know if I`ll stay at IOS for ever… :D


Consider this seller:

or this:

I personally prefer the second one as I made good experiences with AliExpress Standard Shipping. Most of my orders on AliExpress arrived within 7-10 days (order till actual arival). I suppose you most likely had the package sent by China Post as an “Ordinary Package Plus”. Two of my orders (one from November), haven’t arrived yet either. Both shipped the previously mentioned method. Maybe this was the case for you as well.

About selling it:
Do not think so, prices are quite low, even if you consider VAT for an imported one.

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Do you have a LCD with Frame? I want to change both (Frame is not that expensive and mine is damaged). And it’s faster^^
I always choose the AliExpress Standard shipping but in 40 Orders, there were 2 (both displays…) orders that didn’t arrive…

Prices for a new MX4 Pro are ridiculous low…

i use vopmart and dragontt for my spare parts. never had a problem with either of em.

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