Meizu MX4 Bug Batterie & Reboot

Hello ! I have a worry, my phone to 70% or less of the battery it turns off automatically and when I light it I have less than 15% battery! It is a bug or a battery defect has other opinion?

Meizu MX4 Pro

its a bug with flyme 6 and flyme
it happened to me when i switched from A chinese version to G global version

Thank you for the blow it does not happen that has me. Suddenly you know a solutiuon you? thank you :-)

Meizu MX4 Pro

mu battery is working fine now but i am note sure how i managed to fix it
try letting the phone die at 0% and charge it to 100% a couple of times. Dont charge it before 0. do this for 5-8 times and let me know if it worked for you

Meizu m3s

I have heard that updating to flyme6 beta ( the 6.7 one) helps, the verison is still in beta but i heard it solved the battery problem.

Can you put us the links? thank you :-)

@Rey thank you ! But this is the stable version 6.0! But it is not output in international version (G), version (A) it does not contain French I think no? Thank you ^^


Sure it isn’t, however as of now a stable release is still far away. Luckily you can root and use morelocale2 to turn most of the strings to French.

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