Radio apps stop with locked screen

I used to listen to some radios on my phone via streaming.
I have tried different apps, general ones and some specific made by some radio stations.
If I don’t touch the phone and I do something else (usually I listen to it while cooking) the lock screen kick in and after like 5 minutes, the radio stop.
Is there any setting I have to check to stop this issue?

If you open up the security app–>Power–>standby management and make sure the app is enabled it will stop it turning off in standby mode.

Thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately it does not fix my problem :(

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Meizu m3s

Setting ->Display and Brightness-> AutoLock

Change to 30min, idk if you can disiable it

Actually I have tried to set the standby management again, restart the phone and now seems to work.

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