Meizu MX4 Pro launching November 19?

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If it is then it is going to be highly audio themed… Or maybe they are releasing a audio dock with the device… Or maybe a mp3 player (seems unlikely though)

Wonder if they can some how fit dual stereo front speakers into the meizu design like htc and moto have…


Hmm, if it was for the MX4 Pro, it’d definitely need some extreme audiophile specs, like the stereo speakers or something. A dock wouldn’t hurt either, @GreyGhost ;)

I hope and believe it’s the MX4 Pro but I’ll be looking forward to it. Any audio releated is welcome anyway - because who doesn’t love great sound quality? :D

Maybe they release some good bluetooth speakers with NFC like Xiaomi did.
Or its just a new music app ( the chinese one on the MX3 is already great thought ).


The Music app was/is being updated for Flyme 4, so maybe it’s not that — at least Music app isn’t anything that special yet in the leaked firmware.

Considering NFC is rumored as one of the flagship features in MX4 pro, NFC speakers would make some great sense.

I am sure it will have better build quality, stereo speakers and added connectivity like nfc, mhl, usb 3. But my main concern is the look of the fingerprint button. Recent ‘leaked’ photos didn’t convinced me and i think they will be prooven fake. Meizu will find a way to make again a very beautiful device…

Seems to be a streaming music service
Meizu Music Memory - In December 2003, Meizu launched its first music player named MX, opening a new era of portable music experience.

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Oh hey whats up with the news ?

Meizu MX4 Pro parameters

CPU: Samsung Exynos 5430 really eight core processor (4xA15+4xA7) 20nm process
GPU: Mali T628MP6
ROM: 16GB/32GB/64GB does not support extended
Screen: Ultra narrow 5.5 inch screen of 2560 x 1536 pixels resolution of 2K+ 2.8mm frame
Camera: Post 20700000 pixels (Sony IMX220 1/2.3 inch photosensitive element) +Pre 5000000 pixel camera F/2.0 sapphire glass lens aperture
Operating system: Flyme 4.1 (based on the Android 4.4.4)
SIM card type: Micro SIM single card
Battery:3350mAh (removable)
The characteristic function: MTouch press typeFingerprint sensor NFC of the second generation communication technology
Price: The 2499 element (16GB) /2699 yuan (32GB) /3099 yuan (64GB)

Also Retina Sound is updated in chinese with MX4pro

Here is the live feed:


HondaRacer was live at the event today. See his article.

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