I cannot root my Meizu

hi friends i have a serious problem with my phone.
i have tried everything but can not root the device. even though use some programs like kingo,rooter etc.
and there is no root selection in settings at all ? please help me.
i dont know what to write - full name and Id number. i have tried my name,flyme nick name, MEID,serial number.!1_1485105847760_S70122-245225_1_.jpg 0_1485105847758_S70122-245219_1_.jpg

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Meizu m3s

More info, which model, which firmware.

model M5
yunOS 5.1.1

i have tried everthing but no luck even though changing languages into chinese. please help

Meizu m3s

There is no root setting for yunos

For other rooting solutions https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/5753/root-for-yunos.

no solution for all methods :(((

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You could try to manually proceed the rooting. As long as ADB is there it should be possible. Maybe this XDA post will help you:

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