How can I change the setting of mTouch button?


I would like to change my mTouch button function which I want it to back to main menu when I swipe up the mTouch button, but I cant find the setting to allow me to configure it, now when I want swipe up it ct as a back button. From the review I read, it should able to do this.

Also, there is no ‘face detection autofocus’ feature in my camera app, this is strange and really not convenience, but when I read review, this feature is available.

There is also no ‘reading mode’ in my Pro5.

I am currently in Flyme firmware, if this firmware can’t do these things, is there any firmware which is stable can do these? I don’t mind to use A firmware.

Thanks and wish you the best!

Meizu m3s

I remember you can customize the button using flyme tools (xposed).

If you mean the smarttouch, setting > accessiblity > smarttouch.

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