Hey guys, I’m having some annoying bugs, would you help me to fix them or tell me how to report them?

Bug: I want to backup my data but when I tap on “start backing up” there’s this windows saying “Can’t perform this action during cloud sync”… (I’ve tried to turn off Meizu cloud sync, restarting the phone, turning off other syncs, turning off wifi… Nothing worked for me)

Bug: After playing some songs in the Meizu Music app the app frozens and I have to restart it. It happens when I skip more songs quickly.

Bug: Some apps (with inner maps) crash immediately after opening them. It’s strange that it only really happens to apps which need some kind of location permission (which are allowed). No probelms with Google Maps though. I tried cleaning data and cache, reinstalling - nothing helped.

I would be very glad for any help! Thanks.

(This is a copy from the official forum where I posted it first)