Download flyme 6 stable and test here.
Meizu m2

Flyme OS stable & Flyme OS beta available now!

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Meizu Pro 5

Latest stable is and latest beta are or

Seriously what is the problem with Meizu and cannot fix the battery problem??? I order Huawei P10 Plus because Meizu disappointed me. I tired with all shit updates and not even stable… Sorry meizu. Never again… feeling BORED/PISSED OFF/DISGUSTED/DISAPPOINTED.

Meizu m3s

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@Adarsh-M but the file is corrupted.  It didn`t work

@Rey please explain me step by step how to run the firmware.  I have downloaded it in my phone. 


Is this support for Meizu M5? 

Thank you for your explanation

@Rey I have tried the mentioned methods but it was said THE FIRMWARE IS CORRUPTED.  I downloaded it three times.  Could you explain me how to solve this problem? 

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