Flyme OS beta (m1 note)

Just tried. Much better than the previous beta.

I set GBoard as default keyboard, but dunno why in every input password, the stock keyboard is showed. Is it only me or everybody has this behaviour?

same here but I have frozen the stock keyboard and really I don’t care anymore ;)

Haha great! I think I’ll delete it

Just tried this so far i like what i see

I want to say there is virus in new update. I find it when download to my computer and scaan with eset security. It s classified trojan. But you can root your phone and then remove this apps. You can find the virus with eset android version too. I hope be useful for you.

which Android version does it have?
we will stuck on 5.1?

Yep 5.1.

I found how to disable stock keyboard for password.
There’s a toggle in:

Settings -> Language & Time -> scroll down and there’s a toggle "Password protection"
Just change its status to off and stock keyboard is not used anymore for password.

Hello,anyone got issue with play store if using mobile network?i cant use play store while using mobile data,only work when i use wifi.tried reinstall from china app store,still not work

Yeah me too have the same problem. Downloading (searching is working) from play store with mobile data doesn’t work. Only with wi-fi

Meizu Pro 5

@NicoRoma90 download icon->settings ->download on WLAN only activated?

@xeon550 oh never noticed that option. I’ve disable it and now it download with mobile data.

Thank you!

It is an international version?

Can I install it on a international version m1 note?

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