No radio signal


My mx3 have a power icon in the notification bar. It says that the phone is power off. I don’t have any signal so i cant call or receive anything. When i check the baseband it says its unknown and the imei is null.

I contacted Meizu, they asked me to resintall the system which i did but it didnt fixed the problem. They said that my phone probably need a repair and since then they ignore my mails Its been 3 days now and i don’t know what to do. I bought my phone 3 months ago so it’s still under warranty.

Does this already happened to someone here ? What should i do ?

Resend them the email. I have seen some cases here, and they all needed repair…

Thank you ! I’ve just received an answer. They said the repair must be free but the shipping cost from HK to France “might cost $640” :huh:. I guess they really don’t want to repair it … I think it’s the last time i buy a meizu … :dodgy:

Ok my bad i should have checked … Thanks you very much for the quick answer :)

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