Flyme OS stable (m3 note)

@Rey Today I successfully installed Flyme on my device and Google services is working fine now (some tricks to get it done in my case…)!!! Great!!

This is the A version, right?

@Deividas-Pavilonis Would you care for sharing the experience? I’m willing to install this but a bit scared of the results. Maybe it’s not worth the risk, but I wanna know what you did anyway.

Sorry about the bad english, not a native speaker.

@ShadowHaze if you don’t have the global model you can try installing this, but if you have the global model then you’re out of luck because this firmware version is for the asian version of this phone

@Martynas0311 Yes, I’m with the global one then I’ll have to play the waiting game. Thanks for the reply!

When are we going to get for the global models, because I really want to try out the Flyme 6.0 ??

@ShadowHaze I’m loving the Flyme 6 (A version) it’s really great! I’ve noticed an enhanced performance in animations and on the OS fluidness. Regarding Google services, i had to reinstall it using the Google installer.

Dear Sir is it will work L861H Meizu M3 Note ?

please help install google services…on this version of update…plzzzz needed…😶

Meizu m3s

Are u using the google installer by flyme in the hotapp (default app store when using flyme).

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