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Ok. I did it.
Bricked my MX4 Pro in a way seems to be unrecoverable. Wiped all the telefone while having TWRP in the recovery, so now I cannot boot to recovery (TWRP in the PROS is called from the phone and not using a key combination) and also I do not have fastboot. Only the “Meizu” start screen. Forever

If I put it in a PC windows computer, I can see MTP device MX4Pro, but nothing more. The MTP does not opens a folder to copy “” and flash the firm, so I think the only hope is ADB flashing, but I have no idea about this…

Could any of you be so kind as to explain “How to” do this?

Thank you all

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This is what i got when searched in m2 section.Hope search here in this forum for mx4 and if you cant get an idea,try official forum.

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adb flashing is not possible, unless you have root (su), flashing with adb is just overwriting your partitions with img file using the “dd” command through “adb shell”. If i am correct, you may not access su when your phone is not running flyme (flyme blocks/enables you access), to test this just type, “adb shell su”. It is impossible to not have fastboot, have you tried “adb reboot bootloader” must have first adb access.
If you have an unlocked bootloader (should have since you have a custom recovery) you can simply flash img using “fastboot flash system system.img”.
You cannot copy “” to the MTP device unless you run the stock recovery (without the stock recovery, copying the file will not do anything), i would suggest you flash the stock recovery first.

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Hi, Scorpiony…
First of all. THANK YOU.
Sorry for not showing a “complete” situation. You have shown the main issues correctly, but, for some reason, I cannor reach the fastboot. Flyme is not running , and do not know what is running…
Will try to give you a resume.
1.- Wiped all partitions from TWRP. Since cannot access recovery partition from this version of TWRP, the TWRP recovery should be somewhere, but not reachable from any Hard combination.
2.- The phone, when charging, presents the green battery filling. “something” is still alive
3.- While switched off, if I connect to a PC (Win 10) nothing happens
4.- If I switch on with power + UP vol and connevt to a PC, appears an “NTP device” in device manager, but noting more. No folders. In the phone, Meizu name over black screen.
5.- In the last situation, if I try to connect adb, the computer side says “waiting for device”. Seems ADB is not alive in the other side.
Seems it id definitelly dead and me, definitelly pissed. I loved this phone…
In this situation… Should I give up?
Thank you again, ZHENK

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You may try Sp Flash Tools, but your success rate is low (in finding these files). First you need a working Auth file for your phone and scatter file for the chip.

Meizu MX4 Pro

But SP Flash tool is for MTK chipsets… We have a Exynos (Samsung) chip inside…

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I have no experience on unbricking with your chip, you might have to find another solution. I have couple experiences with bricks and I suggest you to not give up, as your phone is not completely dead.

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