meizu mx4 pro

Re: [Guide] How to install (I) International firmware on your Chinese-mainland Meizu.

hellow i try to install (I) International firmware in my
phone with method 2 but in step 9 when i writte :
dd if=/sdcard/system.img of=/dev/block/platform/15540000.dwmmc0/by-name/system
the Terminal Emulator dont work.
can you help me?
thanks you

Meizu m3s

Do you have root?
Before the command type su
If the terminal does not work, try adb shell.

Meizu MX4 Pro

you dont have to write those commands anymore
just do the following its easier
1- install 4.2.8.x A on your device
2- root device
3- install super su from the play store
4- download
5- create folder named int_mx4_pro on the root of your device
6- paste the extracted files on that folder
7- download terminal emulator from play store
8- open terminal emulator
9- write su and press grand on the pop up dialog
10- write cd /sdcard/int_mx4_pro and after that write sh install
11- the phone will reboot itself
12- download and open it from file manager
13- check erase data and install

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