(Microsdxc) Toshiba Exceria 128gb with Meizu Pro 5
Meizu Pro 5

I bought a Toshiba Exceria 128gb (M302-EA) microsdxc uhs-i 128gb card, class 10 and Uhs class 3, with 90mb/s (49,99€) to give rest to the old Samsung 32GB MB-MPBGC card.

It was the worst purchase ever and is much slower than the old card.
Complained already in store and they have agreed to swap/change.

So…don’t buy!

Note: any more than 32 GB card has to be formatted in fat32 (guiformat.exe) with no change of speed and exfat or ntfs dont work with meizu pro 5.

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Meizu m3s

Is it because the phone does not support the speed /(size)? or the sdcard itself is slow? (thinking of getting a 64GB sdcard, had a 32GB)

Meizu Pro 5

The old Samsung microsdhc 32gb uhs-i, class 10 and Uhs class 1, with 48mb/s is 5xfaster (or more) then this Toshiba…
The problem is not with the Meizu Pro 5, is the Toshiba microSd card…
But, will microsdHc be more compatible than microsdXc?

Is true when someone says:
-the cheap comes out expensive or should we be suspicious of low prices

Worth a good 64 GB card than a cheap 128 GB card!

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