Meizu Pro 5

I bought the JBL T290 (by Harman) in-ear headphones for use with my Meizu Pro5.

Specs: 20Hz-20.000KHz, 32ohm, 8.7mm dynamic driver, 107dB, 100mW, 14g.

To achieve a quality sound and change sound parameters, only if use with the own music player (with equalizer) or n7player.
-tried several players.

Quality sound doesn’t mean high volume sound.
With n7player, can obtain a higher volume by changing the values in the pre-amp but as go up the values above 0, starts to sound distortion.

-sound quality
-very confortable

-not so loud volume
-can change parameters only with own player or n7player
-in Hifi Sound parameters only can change Auto or Low Gain options (32ohms protection ??? tryed with 16ohm original Samsung s6 headphones and can change Auto, Low Gain, High Gain and Line out option, with louder sound but with lower sound quality)
-with same price there are better similar products

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