This is what happens just a moment ago..
Meizu m2

I’m playing heyday in m2,suddently a white screen and the balloon is coming as a restart but no off and meizu icon coming. Then I closed heyday.Turf off internet.Then again turn on internet and start game,same happened again.Then I cleaned phone using security app and launch the game,now solved.But anybody have an idea about this.What might be the cause?

Meizu m3s

Sound like the phone crashed due to some corrupted files, which the security app removed. There are may bugs in the meizu phone, assure you have the latest firmware to have the latest fixes (and bugs XD)

Meizu m2

I’m using latest G stable.

Meizu m2

@Scorpiony-Knifet Thanks for responding but the prob still persist now.Also the SD card and the phone storage is going 0kb and no apps opening(opened as black) ,that is solved temporarily by a restart.

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