Meizu M1 Metal Soft Brick

Hi everyone, hope you can help me guys, lets go…

I tried to install custom recovery, in a non YunOS ROM, ported from the MX5 ROM, of course, compiled for M1 Metal. ROM works good, but recovery… Looks like is false, and, after try to install, my stock recovery disappear, and of course, the custom too, so, i dont have any recovery, and phone doesnt start, is in bootloop on “Meizu” words.

The only option that i can, is fastboot mode.

Can anyone help me, to install any ROM, or boot.img, something for fix it, is my only phone…

Meizu m3s

Is your bootloader lock? you never flash firmware to a locked bootloader (you won’t be able to flash anything through fastboot).
If your bootloader is unlocked, you will be able to flash a recovery.img through fastboot (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img).
If not unlocked, you can consider your phone to be hard bricked, unless someone out there have an auth file for your device (SP Flash Tools)

Edit: Due to the fact that the meizu m1 metal have no method of unlocking, no idiot have ported any recovery for it. You may try this guide but your success rate is almost 0, good luck.

Thanks for answer. The way i did with SP Flash Tools. Supposedly, im trying to flash a ROM for Flash Tools, but, when i press volume - key and connect phone to PC, Flash Tools gives me an error that says “BROM ERROR : S_AUTH_HANDLE_IS_NOT_READY (0x1388)”
"[User] This is a secure Base-band Chip! Please select the authentication file first [HINT]:

So, i dont know what it means, some versions of SP just dont recognize when i plug, and others that error. And if no way to unlock bootloader, the only solution is fix that SP error.

Meizu m3s

“unless someone out there have an auth file for your device (SP Flash Tools)”

wrong auth file.

Yes, i supposed auth file doesnt exist for Metal…

Meizu does not provide any international firmware for m2 so those who has already flashed Indian firmware in their device how can they revert back to international version. Only the users of m2 note and upper are lucky to have international firmware online.
So for those who has flashed indian firmware in their m2 they are out of luck of getting international firmware again.

Meizu m3s

I could not explain the relevance of this post.

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