Unresponsive screen - can only use physical buttons...

Hi to all…

I have a big problem with my Meizu Pro 5 and would really appreciate it if anyone could help me. This is my situation:

I bought my phone a few months ago but only used it with wifi (no subscription). Now I have bought a subscription with 4G and unlimited minutes nationally but after just an hour or two after using it to call people etc. the screen has become unresponsive in the following way:

Whenever I try to swipe the screen from the initial background it does NOT react. But when I try to turn it off with the physical button, the power off button has to be pressed on the screen but when I try to press it the screen somehow registers that I have made the attempt but only goes back to the original background which I can still get by using the lower physical button. In other words all three physical buttons work and ALSO the screen can register that I have touched it but otherwise I can NOT do anything on it.

I don’t know what to do now. I’m thinking of just letting the power run out but this isn’t the optimal solution, and even if it does work normally after the power runs out and I restart it, I still want to know what is going on here to prevent this happening again and again!

Can anyone please help me? Am I the only person who has this issue?


@Meiz Hey ,
Most probably a defective screen but you can try to open the phone and disconnect the battery and the screen (wait 2-3 min ) connect it again and pray and hope it was just a software bug otherwise you will probably need to change the screen :(


Thanks for the reply. It turns out that there was a way of turning it off using the external buttons. It was the sound button combined with the turn off button. And after turning it on again, it now WORKS!

Again, thanks and bye!

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