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Hi I updated the rom of my m3 meizu to have the advantages of the latest updates, but I did not notice it was a Chinese rom and I used an international with the q came to buy it in amazon, the problem is that I did not make a backup and Now with the Chinese rom I do not have a play store and I can not put the apk because it tells me that it is not worth it. What I can do ??? Where can I get an international rom for m3?

@Flukke You can install the google installer from the meizu app store if you are on the A (chinese rom) just search for "google installer"
If it’s an M3 Note there are a tutorial about how to change from A to G here
But I didn’t find anything for the M3
You can take a look on conversation here maybe someone posted the right partition and command to execute here
Also it seems there are not any official Global rom for this phone only chinese at least I didn’t find anything …

This may you help too

kokotonix said in [GUIDE] RECOVER a MEIZU M3 from BOOTLOOP (meizu logo and constant reboot):

Great to know it worked for you too :)
[I bet this approach will work for other recent meizus, providing they use the proper scatter and rom files (MEIZU_M3_MT6750-scatter_rom_auth folder must be completely different)]

Anyway, and focusing in “our” M3 :

Meizu M3 doesn’t have an official multilanguage rom in its site (mine came with a gearbest fake multilanguage version).
But there is a simple way to activate other languages:

  • Configure english language and your geographic location in your phone.
  • Install morelangs from google playstore:
  • Activate usb debugging mode in your phone and connect it to your pc.
  • In your pc you need adb installed and use it to give permissions for morelangs to change your language. For doing so run this line in your pc command line:

adb shell pm grant sightidea.com.setlocale android.permission.CHANGE_CONFIGURATION

  • Execute morelangs in your meizu m3 and select your language.
  • Every app should automatically detect your language except android settings and notifications that will remain in english.

You recovered you meizu using the proposed special cable or a standard one ?

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