Has anyone tested M5 Note yet? It’s a shame that Meizu did not replace Helio P10 with the faster and more power efficient P20. The Helio P20 is of course included in M3x (or X) but this phone is made of glass (instead of metal), has a smaller battery and is more expensive. The only difference between M5 note and M3 note I can find on the spec. sheet is that M5 Note is 0.1 mm thinner, 12g heavier and has USB-C. Looking at photos there also seems to be some subtle differences design-wise, M5 Note appear to share the same design as M3e and M3 Max, thats good since I found the build quality of M3 Max to be stunning (even better than M3 Note), so hopefully M5 Note does has slightly better build quality compared to M3 Note. I cant find any information about the camera on M5 Note but I guess that it is the same sensor as in M3 Note. Your thoughts?

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