i bought my meizu pro 6 via Aliexpress and the seller probably flashed the ROM to install Flyme Global on it.
Everything works fine, except for the notification led. It isn’t working. Whenever i receive a message, app, phonecall i don’t get notified with a notification led. Also, charging the phone won’t show a notification led either. Before this, i had a meizu mx4 Pro, and having a notification LED is a must have (for me).

Under DND settings it shows " flash alert on new message", instead of " wake up breathing light" (flyme 5.1.2 and flyme 6) and i think FLASH refers to the flash camera light instead of the notification light on the front. Does this means it does not detect the notification LED on the front? Also, can someone please confirm that there is a white notification led on the front of the Meizu pro 6? I did a factory reset but didn’t work.