Mx4Pro Battery BT41 in MX4 possible?

i have question guys. Can I put Battery from MX4 Pro (BT41) in MX4 is size the same? I saw on internet that is compatible, anyone? :D


Tough question. It could fit if it has the same size. However, I wonder how the recorgnition of drivers will be (e.g. battery indicator).

yea i know, but they selling like it fits hmm i even find for mx4 just for other manufacturer that has 3500mah capacity

The Mx4 use a BT40 (3100mAh) and the Pro a BT41(3350mAh)
If it’s the same size and fit in the phone you can use it it shouldn’t occur any issue the only thing is that for example if
you put a BT41 in the Mx4 the capacity will be detected as a BT40 with 3100 mAh instead of 3350 (3250)
Also don’t forget to chek the connector it may be shorter or not in the same place if you take a different battery

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