[GUIDE] How to fix - Meizu M2 stuck on constant bootloop (even if you can't acess botloader)

Hi, i am going directly to the point. We are going to reinstall the flyme recovery and the flyme rom on our phone.
YOU NEED TO HAVE AN UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER IN ORDER FOR THIS TO WORK (but if you have this problem, you probably have it.)
1.Since your recovery is corrupt, you need to install the latest recovery img from flyme.
(Download here
1.1 Download the latest firmware here
1.2 Download adb (https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979)

  1. Press volume down + middle button + power button in order to acess fastbook.
    3.Once in fastboot, connect your phone to your pc.
  2. Go to the folder where you installed adb, place the recovery.img there and click right mouse button+shift and select (open a command prompt here)
    Write this command:
    fastboot recovery recovery.img
    Wait for it to complete.
    5.Once it is completed, keep your phone connected to your pc. Turn off your phone and turn it on again, and acess the bootloader (Volume up+power button+midle button)
  3. Once in bootloader, you will be able to transfer files to your phone in your computer. Transfer the firmware (update.zip folder) to your phone directory and press start to install the firmware.
  4. Once you try to install the firmware, a message saying “firmware corrupt” will appear. Just clear your data and restart your phone.
  5. Wait and congrats!
Meizu m3s

What errors are you getting?


unfortunately i have not unlocked my bootloader , what should i do?

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