HELLO, I I HAVE A MEIZU M3 NOTE L681H AND I HAVE UPDATED TO but I am facing issue in creating an APN… I have inserted a jio simcard 4g in primary slot but I didn’t find an Apn so I tries to create one but it is not creating and whenever I press add apn I comes back to previous menu… And in engineering mode also I can’t find the 4g volte options as mentioned in the tutorial… Some one help me please… Thank you in advance for helping…

I’m Facing the same problem.
I recently inserted Grameenphone sim card in my new Meizu M3 Note in Bangladesh, and the handset doesn’t support APN Settings automatically and also can’t setup APN manually. the fact is that when i go to Sim and Network -> APN there are four buttons: the previous menu button, the “reset” button, “update APN online” and the “add APN” button; but when i tap on the Update APN online button, it’s nothing happen. and when I tap on Add APN button, it just goes back to the previous menu �� like if i tapped “previous”… please help me!�� I won’t be able to use my internet connection until i work this out!

Hope someone will reply with the solution.

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