2g/3g mobile network does not work

I have Meizu m3s and 2g and 3g network doesn’t work. 4g works. I update to but it didn’t fix my problem.

Mobile netwrok state is disconnected, however it is written in Network carried Drillisch network current and seems connected. (It is O2 network in Germany). My sim card works in different phone.

Thank you very much for your suggestion and help

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Meizu m3s

Have you tried a different sim card (prefer a different provider) for these connections and are sure it is the phones fault. I would suggest you go to a Meizu service center and request help, as it sounds more like a hardware problem not software. My m3s is working find with 3g and 4g network. Btw this is a forum for the Meizu m3 not the m3s, next time please post in the m3s forum.

thank you for your reply. I have tried a different sim card from different provider with no improvements. I will post it to M3s.

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